There are many references to show that dance was part of Israel's culture. It still is today!

Jephtah's daughter - Judges 11v34

Ladies dancing in the vineyard - Judges 21v21-23

Children playing games - Matthew 11v17

The return of the prodigal son - Luke 15v25

Celebrating victory - 1 Samuel 18v6-7

Dance is associated with joy and contrasted with mourning

                  Lamentations 5v15

                  Psalm 30v11

                  Ecclesiastes 3v4

There is to be dancing (and joy) when Israel is restored - Jeremiah 31v4&13

Miriam led dancing, singing and praise - Exodus 15v20-21

David danced before the Ark of the Lord - 2 Samuel 6v14-23

                                                             1 Chronicles 15 and 16

We are to praise God with dancing - Psalm 150v4

                                                    Psalm 149v3

Other references in the Bible to lively worship included dance. Hebrew words that have meanings related to physical movement were translated into English as "rejoice".
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