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It is important to do warmup exercises before dancing. Muscles are more prone to
injury when doing vigorous movements without doing some gentle ones first.
Joints can feel stiff if they have been held in one position for many minutes. This
is because synovial fluid production (the "oil" in our joints) stops when the joint is still.
Gentle stretching exercises help to increase our flexibility and range of movement. This
is helpful when doing worship dance, to achieve greater expression with our body. It
also reduces the risk of injury from sudden unaccustomed movements.


  * Seek medical advice if you have a medical condition, are pregnant, or have a              
     physical injury.

  * Use exercises from a well qualified source, and follow instructions carefully.

  * Work at a level that is comfortable for your body (some people are more flexible          
     than others and  can stretch further), you should only feel a gentle stretch not pain.
Ensure that you can dance safely on the floor without slipping. Dancers should have footwear that is flat with flexible soles. Proper dance shoes (ballet or jazz) are a good idea, but it can be safe to dance with bare feet if the surface is suitable (especially on carpet). Jazz shoes are good for dance outdoors, or polished floors.
Try to avoid any obstructions in the dance area that dancers may trip over (like wires).
Clothing/costumes used for dance need to allow a full range of movement. Long skirts need to be just above the ankle, if too long the dancers may trip over the hems.
Make sure that you have plenty of space to move in. Be careful that you do not accidentally hit anyone or anything, especially when using flags.