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When we are worshiping in dance our spirit soul and body are all involved, and our worship
should show on our face! Our facial expressions complement the physical movements, but
may be difficult to see from the congregation. I use makeup to make facial expressions
more visible, and have done some basic training on applying it.

Three main guidelines

  * Use the right colours that complement your skintone and eyes

  * Use good quality makeup brushes and sponges to apply

  * Blend the edges of colours well so that there are no sharp lines
Always use a moisturiser underneath the foundation. It should closely match the skintone in
colour, so there is no "line" where it stops. It is designed to even out the skintone and
provide a smooth base to put the other makeup on. It should not "add" colour to the face.
Apply with a damp sponge to get good even coverage.

Choose the colour closest to the skintone, this is used to conceal blemishes not covered by
the foundation. Blend it well into the foundation.

A light dusting of translucent face powder "sets" the foundation and concealer. Brush the
face with a large soft brush after applying to remove excess powder.

Eye Makeup
Use preferred pattern of application, but blend all edges and lines well. It is a good idea to
use a lash brush after using mascara, so that the lashes are more separated.

This is where you "add" colour to the face. Take a large soft brush and apply powder
blusher (easier to use than cream) from the top of the cheekbone to under the centre of the
eye. Make sure that the edges blend away well. Blusher can even help those with
"high colouring" as it helps to balance it instead of the colour being concentrated in one
spot. You can add a glow to the face with a very subtle dusting of blusher on the chin and
forehead. Ensure that the colour complements your skintone and lipstick.

Outline lips with a lipliner pencil close in colour to the lipstick. Apply lipstick with a
lipbrush for best results. Apply one coat of lipstick, rub lips together and blot with a tissue.
Repeat with a second coat. This helps the lipstick to stay on better. You can use two
different colours to produce a new blended colour.

Because dance is such a visual medium, small details can sometimes be very distracting, and take the focus away from the worship/message.

Costumes need to fit properly (but not tight fitting)
               complement the message in colour and style
               be crease free
               costumes for a group should match or complement
               hems should be even and each dancers the same length
               undergarments must not be visible, good support may sometimes be needed

Hair         should be tidy, and is best away from the face (to see facial expressions)
Jewellery  shiny metals and stones catch the light and visually distract
               watches and jewellery can also catch on clothing
               hair decorations can be distracting
               jewellery + hair decorations can be used if all wear the same and it goes with
               the dance
               for slow worship dances I wear no jewellery except my wedding ring

Nail Varnish best avoided as it catches the light like jewellery