Fabric - choose a durable fabric like a heavy cotton drill. I have used a PVC backed cotton which is water resistant, but harder to sew. Approx half a yard (50cm) needed.

Zips and thread - choose closest colour match. The zip opening must be just longer than half the circumference of the tambourine. If too short the tambourine won't go in the case!

Pattern - This pattern is for an 8 inch (21cm) tambourine that is 2 inches (5cm) deep (to alter the sizing see below)
Cut two circles for the front and back 10 (26cm) inches in diameter (I used a dinner plate for making the pattern)
Cut a strip of fabric 3.25 inches (8.5cm) x 30.5 inches (78cm) for the gusset.
Cut a strip of fabric 4 inches x 10 inches (10cm x 26cm) for a carrying handle.

All seam allowances are half an inch (1.3cm)

Handle - fold in half an inch to wrong side on both long edges. Press with iron unless using PVC fabric. Fold long edges together, enclosing raw edges. Machine edges together.
Gusset - stitch short edges of the gusset piece together, right sides together. Neaten edges and press as required.
Optional pocket - cut a half circle the same diameter as the full circles. Neaten the straight edge of semi circle. Tack wrong side to the right side of one circle piece.
Main case - stitch one edge of the gusset to one of the circles (with the pocket on if used) enclose one short edge of the handle in the seam. The handle needs to be opposite the pocket. The gusset seam is best placed 90 degrees from the handle.
Stitch the other circle to the gusset, enclosing the other end of the handle so that both ends are together, forming a loop across the gusset seam.
Leave an opening large enough for the zip to go in (slightly more than half the circle) opposite the handle. Neaten and press as required.
Insert the zip. .

Measure your tambourine - the diameter of the membrane
                                           the depth of the frame

For a shallower single jingle tambourine - alter the width of the gusset.
Add 1.25 inches (3.5cm)(turnings and ease) to the depth measurement of the tambourine.

For a different diameter tambourine - the circles need to be 2 inches (5cm) larger than the diameter of the membrane (to allow for turnings and jingles jutting out). The gusset length will need to be slightly more than 3 times the diameter measurement. I would suggest cutting generously and adjusting to fit.

Types of ribbon to use -   satin ribbon
                                       woven "metallic" ribbon
                                       lametta (Christmas decoration)

Widths of ribbon to use - very narrow up to 3/8ths inch (1cm) wide
Length of ribbon to use - each piece should be exactly 36 inches (90cm) long

Attaching ribbons to the tambourine- use a 1 inch (2.5cm) binding ring
                                   (a hinged "clip together" ring from an office supplies shop)


Use approx six pieces of ribbon cut to length (36in/90cm)
Seal the ends of all the ribbons with clear nail varnish to prevent fraying.
Fold one of the narrowest ribbons in half and sew both layers together approx half an inch from the fold, forming a small loop.
Fold the next ribbon in half and place over the top of the first one.
Stitch through both ribbons over the top of the previous stitching
Continue adding and stitching ribbons, putting the widest ones on last
Ensure that you keep the loop patent so that the binding ring will go through all the layers


Choosing colours - look at notes on scriptural meanings of colours

Widths of ribbons - a mixture looks best

Thread - invisible thread or a good match to the ribbon on the outside


Cut a piece about one inch wide
If using more than one colour stick one on top of the other with glue
Wrap lametta around a set of ready stitched ribbons and secure with clear sellotape
Stitch the top edge of the lametta to the ribbons just below the loop, using invisible or matching thread.

The lametta tends to gradually come off one strand at a time. It is easily replaced using this method without having to redo the whole set of ribbons.
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