Photo's of Bona's Visit to the USA October 2001
I've seen lots of "City of London" fire engines before, but did not expect to see one in the USA!
This London is in Kentucky, I'd visited two Londons within 24hrs! No traffic jams here, unlike the M25 on my journey from Ipswich to London Gatwick airport!
I had never met anyone with a title in England. Whilst in Atlanta Lyrica introduced me to another English friend of hers, Sir Anthony Buzzard.
The .World Changers Church in Atlanta
The beautiful Ohio river, viewed from Cincinnati.
A group picture of me with Paul Wilbur, his team, Lyrica, Susy and Lisa from Kingdom Arts International.
We had a sightseeing tour around Cincinnati in the Cadillac, where the picture above was taken.
After the tour we had lunch on the riverboat
Bona in the reception of a very luxurious hotel.
The lovely view from Lyrica's apartment.
Bona at one of the concerts. We were too busy to take many photos here!
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