Our main aim is to glorify God through our expression and movement. We may bless and encourage others, and be blessed ourselves, but our primary purpose is to worship

Before dancing, our own relationship with the Lord must be right, or the worship will not be real, and would be evident to those watching.

Prayer is vital - dance ministry is powerful and attracts spiritual attack. This can come in many forms, opposition, illnesses, injuries, disunity, even cars breaking down! However - He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world (1John 4v4). Also Jesus gives us His authority to overcome the powers of darkness - Luke 10v19.

We must be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and not "do our own thing"
John 15v4-5. We are to seek His will, plans, and direction, not our own.

Unity amongst the dance group is a must, any tension will be very visible. Also God blesses us when we are in unity - Psalm 133.

It is important to have the agreement of the church leadership for what you are doing. This is God's way of doing things - Hebrews 13v17. Submission to leadership also includes the worship leader, and the dance group leader. If you are in a situation where your leader is opposing something that you are sure the Lord has asked you to do, be patient and pray. The Lord will resolve the problem in His own time and way.
If you are using dance to present a message to a congregation, it is important that they can see every movement without hindrance or distraction. Dance is received visually, and attention to detail in this area is the equivalent of the preacher using the PA system to be heard properly. Whilst it is not always possible to find a perfect solution, sometimes a creative idea works well. Here are some areas to consider.

Furniture and equipment arrange so that it does not block the view of the dance. This is very dependent on the moveability of items, and the agreement of the church.

Lighting it is worth checking the visibility, especially if you are dancing on a dark night. It may be possible to reposition the dance, or add additional lighting.

Dancers garments and makeup see "makeup and finishing touches"

For checking that everything "looks right" it is best to have an assistant watching at a dress rehearsal.
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