Dance in Christian Worship
This site is dedicated to the use of dance, creative movement, flags, and tambourines as an expression of Biblical Christian faith.
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My name is Bona Gerrie, I am from Ipswich in the United Kingdom. In 1983 I came to know Jesus as saviour.I asked Him to forgive my sin and give me the ability to live a good and fulfilling life. Since I have been a Christian I have known His presence, guidance, and provision in many special ways. If you feel depressed, rejected, or need hope in your life, visit Heres Hope
I do particularly enjoy participating in worship. I have much experience in using dance in praise and worship, and lead workshops locally. Through this website and my workshops, I wish to encourage others to worship in a deeper and more creative way.I hope that you find the information and links on the site helpful. Permission is given for non-profit use of my written work for Christian worship, teaching and evangelism. You may reproduce the notes for these purposes, provided you cite the source of the materials by including the authors name and the website address

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 What types of dance do you do?
expressive worship
davidic (Israeli)
flags and ribbons

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  Bride 3 in One the story of God's love for Israel and the Church

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