This is a webring of Christian sites that have a creative or artistic theme. This may be dance, drama, banners, poetry, art, craftwork or something similar. Through my own website Dance in Christian Worship I have sought to provide a wide range of resources and links for Christian dancers. The webring will allow a broader range of creative resources to be linked. If you would like your site included in the ring, please carefully study the rules and instructions for joining.
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Qualifications to join - spiritual

This is a Christian webring so sites must be in agreement with:-

That Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that the only means of salvation is through His death on the cross.

That the Bible is the inspired word of God.

Qualifications to join - quality & content

Sites should be easy to read and navigate, with good contrast between text and background colours.

Sites should have creative and original content that is clearly Christian. Although this ring was planned for linking dance sites, I would welcome other creative Christian ministries such as drama, poetry, crafts etc. Sites that contain any material or links that are not consistent with Christian belief will not be accepted. I reserve the right to accept or decline sites.

Bona Gerrie - Ring Manager
HOW TO JOIN THE WEBRING - please read carefully

1. Click on the link below, then the "join ring" button to submit your         site to the ring. This will also involve signing up for a Webring ID,         unless you already have one.

2. I will be notified of your application by Webring.

3. I will review your site and then approve or decline your application,
   you will be notified of the decision by email.

4. Accepted sites will need to place the ring navigation code on their         homepage, either the html code as below or the Webring SSNB. The     automatic ring management is set to include approved sites if code is     present. Sites are suspended whilst the navigation code is missing or     the site inaccessible, and are included or reinstated automatically           once the problem is resolved. This is necessary to maintain good           navigation for visitors, and fairness to all sites in the ring.

There is a help page which has a generic copy of the code.

Please email if you experience difficulties.

The "dancers" image was created by Darlene McCarty, who has graciously allowed us to use it for this webring To see more of Darlene's work, visit her website

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