Choose fabric that is lightweight, resists creasing, and is the same on both sides. Paper/tissue lame fabric comes in several metallic shades. Crystal organza and lightweight silky polyester also work well.

For a medium sized flag use 1 yard of 45in (90cm of 112cm) width fabric.

Ensure that all the fabric edges are straight and square and machine a narrow hem around both long edges and one short edge. Press with an iron on a cool setting..
Press a quarter inch of the unstitched edge to the wrong side.

To protect the flag fabric from being worn by the pole, use a small piece of iron-on interfacing or cotton tape on the inside of the top of the pole channel. Tape can either be sewn in or attached with a fabric bonding agent.

Fold the fabric over again and pin, leaving a channel large enough to insert the pole. Machine this, continuing the stitching to the edge of the flag at the top to stop the pole coming out the other end.

FLAG POLES - 3 options

Wooden Dowelling
The poles are made out of  half inch (12mm) thick wooden dowelling, available from D.I.Y./hardware shops in 8ft (2.4m) lengths. Saw in half to make two 4ft (1.2m) poles. You may like to have the poles shorter but you can try them and cut them down later. Rub the cut edges with sandpaper to avoid rough areas damaging flags or hands.

Bamboo Canes
Available from garden centres. Cut to size and sand ends.

Telescopic Fibreglass Poles
Made from cheap fishing poles, stocked in discount shops like Poundland (UK) during spring and summer. They are light and fold down to fit in bags and suitcases.
Remove the thin top sections of the pole by unscrewing the base and pulling them out. You may need snip the eye off the top of the pole if it won't pull through.
Replace the screw on base and pull out the pole to its full length.
Trim the top of pole to the desired length (I use 42in/107cm)
Ideally put a plastic or rubber cap on the end, otherwise sand it smooth.

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These are 9ft (2.7m) long x 7ft (2.1m) wide!
Pole - 3/4 inch (15mm) thickness wooden dowelling one 8ft (2.4m) length
Fabric - 6 yards (5.4m) of 45inch (112cm) width material

Cut the fabric into two 3 yard (2.7m) lengths, and machine them together side by side.
Machine hems and pole channel as above.

Good for smaller children, made as above but scale down the sizes of fabric and length of pole.
3/8 inch (9mm) dowelling would work well, an 8ft (2.4m) length cut into 3 x 32inch (80cm) pieces.
Using 1yd & 1/8th (1m) of 45 inch (112cm) width fabric, you can cut in half both ways. This will make 4 small flags.

When in use flags may come off their pole if not secured into place. There are a few
ways in which you can deal with this problem.

Fabric can be pinned to a wooden pole with a tack or drawing pin - this can cause
damage to the flag fabric, and is not easy to remove for laundering.

You can tape the flag to the pole with adhesive tape - this can unpeel in time.

Double sided adhesive tape can be applied between the flag and the pole.

The pole channel can be sewn to be a very tight fit - this also makes removal for
laundering difficult.

Velcro can be applied to the pole and inside the pole channel of the flag.

Elastic can be used - sew the centre of a 6in/15cm piece of cord elastic to the bottom of the flag near the pole channel. You can tie the elastic around the pole and it will grip. For larger flags you can sew in a piece of narrow elastic inside the bottom of the pole channel to grip the pole.